[Drawing]. [China]. TISSANDIER, Albert (1839-1906). Precious... - Lot 138 - Gros & Delettrez

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[Drawing]. [China]. TISSANDIER, Albert (1839-1906). Precious... - Lot 138 - Gros & Delettrez
[Drawing]. [China]. TISSANDIER, Albert (1839-1906). Precious collection of 51 magnificent original pencil drawings by architect and draftsman Albert Tissandier (1839-1906) during his mission to China in 1890. These works depict ancient Chinese monuments, landscapes, city views, scenes of daily life and the country's technological prowess. The set is completed by 8 temple plans, a plan of the observatory at Chang-Haï, two lists of inscriptions, 35 handwritten travel sketches with commentaries, and 30 woodcuts after Tissandier's drawings. This collection offers an exceptional source of information on the sights and monuments of China at the end of the 19th century. Tissandier, a key figure in journalistic reporting at the end of the 19th century, was known for his contributions to the magazine "La Nature". He organized two missions to Asia, studying in detail Chinese monuments that have now disappeared. The drawings, both aesthetically pleasing and technically precise, are signed, dated and accompanied by architectural notes on the back. On his return to France, Tissandier mounted the drawings on strong cardboard, signing them and adding detailed titles. These works were exhibited in Paris at the Société de Géographie each time he returned from a trip. Some of the drawings were published in his book "Voyage autour du Monde, l'Inde et Ceylan, Chine et Japon" in 1892. The collection consists of : - COVERS: 11 drawings and 2 maps Ku-Shan convent near Foochow, Chin-can-shan convent, Tiendon convent near Ning-po, an interior view of the sanctuary of the great Honam convent in Canton (published in his Voyage autour du monde), the unfinished drawing of the Temple of Longevity in Canton has the following commentary on the back, giving us an idea of the conditions under which Tissandier worked: "Impossible de le terminer, la foule m'entoure, j'étouffe / I cannot finish this, a crowd of people is surrounding me, I cannot hardly breathe". 2 maps of the temple bring together this important documentary work. - TOMBALS, PORTICLES or "PAILOOS", KIOSQUES, SANCTUARIES: 14 drawings Tibetan-style tomb near Peking; entrance to Ming tomb at Nan-King; Tsin-Liang-Chan kiosk in Nanking; pailoo on Tsiao-Chang Island; pailoo at Confucius temple in Chiang; shrine of the Virgin of the Waters in Koan-Yung cave in Nanking; tombs of Buddhist priests; Kan-Lou-sse, an ancient tower seen from the Yangtze. - LANDSCAPES, VIEWS OF CITIES, GREAT WALL OF CHINA: 15 drawings. The Yangtze River, the cliffs above the Yangtze River, Tsiao-Chang Island, a view of Wuhu, Peking and its walls, Canton and its Pearl River, a footbridge over the Shang-Hai Canal, a magnificent view of the Tea House at Shang-Hai; the inner courtyard of Tissandier's hotel at Nankow (near the Great Wall); the great bridge at Sha-How near Peking; a splendid view of the Great Wall of China at Pailing. - SCENES OF DAILY LIFE, LOCAL TECHNIQUES: 6 drawings. Fishing scenes on the Yangtze (two plates); five-storey bastion in Canton, a system designed to lift and pass fishing boats from the river onto the canal; houses along the Yangtze. - ARCHITECTURAL DETAILS: 5 extremely precise drawings of fireplaces, porches, domes, frameworks, porcelain. - PLANS, Sketches and ENGRAVINGS: - 6 temple plans, a map of the observatory at Chang-Haï and two lists of inscriptions. - 35 curious travel sketches with handwritten notes and comments, most of them on notepad paper, sometimes drawn on both sides. Some drawings are very precise: boats, sedan chairs, wheelbarrows, etc. - 30 woodcuts after Tissandier's drawings: all on China paper, in various formats.
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