BUC'HOZ (or BUCHOZ, Pierre-Joseph). Collection... - Lot 54 - Gros & Delettrez

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BUC'HOZ (or BUCHOZ, Pierre-Joseph). Collection... - Lot 54 - Gros & Delettrez
BUC'HOZ (or BUCHOZ, Pierre-Joseph). Collection précieuse et enluminée des fleurs les plus belles et les plus curieuses qui se cultivent dans les jardins de la Chine que ceux de l'Europe A Paris, chez Lacombe, [1776]. 2 vols. [With, by the same author]: Les dons merveilleux et diversement coloriés de la nature dans le règne végétal ... formant suite à la collection des Fleurs curieuses et enluminées qu'on cultive dans les jardins de la Chine... A Paris, chez l'auteur, [1782]. 1 vol. 3 volumes in-folio, [1] f. (engraved title), C plates + [1] f. (engraved title), C pl. + [1] f. (engraved title), C pl., uniform contemporary red morocco binding, 7-rib spine, decorated with double gilt fillets and small gilt fleurons, gilt title and tomaison, triple gilt fillet framing the boards, double gilt fillet at the necks, gilt roulette at the endpapers, gilt edges (rubbing on the head and neck spines, epidermis on 4 boards, dull corners; without the table leaf). Extremely rare first-edition collection of 300 etchings, superbly hand-colored by Buchoz. A very fine and rare copy, comprising the 200 plates of the main suite and the 100 plates forming the first part of the supplement. The exceptional quality of Buchoz's prints rivals that of the best European natural history works of his time. This excellence stems from his meticulous attention to composition and scientific detail, as well as his exceptional mastery of engraving and coloring. "The engraver was not content to merely convey the line, but succeeded in suggesting with the burin the tone of Chinese watercolor. Only by looking closely at these images does one realize that they are engraved and not drawn with a brush. "(Michael, Sullivan, The Meeting of Eastern and Western Art). Many of his "very beautiful decorative plates" of native plants and flowers, as Dunthorne called them, are engraved from Chinese paintings, and are part of the artistic exchanges that took place between France and China in the 17th and 18th centuries. Buchoz made history by creating the first European florilegium devoted to the flowers of Chinese gardens, under the evocative title of "Collection Précieuse et Enluminée des Fleurs les Plus Belles et les Plus Curieuses". This innovative collection offers a detailed iconography of flowers cultivated in both China (vol. 1) and Europe (vol. 2), incorporating Chinese artistic elements such as pale blue skies, landscapes with butterflies, birds or insects in the background, yellow wash borders, and accompanying some of the plates with captions in Chinese characters. This unique artistic work, in which Western art and Chinese style mingle, gave rise to the style known as "Chinoiserie". The first volume, "Nature's marvelous and variously colored gifts in the plant kingdom", which follows, includes flowers and plants from Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Balearic Islands, Turkey), America (Virginia, Carolina, Canada), Africa (Carthage, Cape Town), the Orient (India, China, Siberia...) and Asia. Most are captioned. Born in Metz, Pierre Joseph Buchoz (1731-1807) began his career as a lawyer before turning to medicine. After becoming physician to King Stanislas Leszczynski, he abandoned his career once again to devote himself fully to his passion, natural history. In 1774, he published a lavishly illustrated "Histoire naturelle du règne végétal", which earned him the approval of the Académie royale des sciences and the title of physician-botanist to Monsieur, the king's brother. A member of the Collège royal de médecine de Nancy and of several academies, he distinguished himself as a prolific author and publisher, producing numerous works in natural history and medicine. Provenance: copy of Count René Philipon (1869-1936), bibliophile, entomologist and patron of the arts, with his woodcut bookplate by J. de Andrada (1917). (Nissen, BB1, 282 and 283; Pritzel 1326 and 1327).
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