SEGALEN Victor (1878-1919) L.A.S. to Yvon... - Lot 5 - Gros & Delettrez

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SEGALEN Victor (1878-1919) L.A.S. to Yvon... - Lot 5 - Gros & Delettrez
SEGALEN Victor (1878-1919) L.A.S. to Yvon Segalen, "Peking", July 10, 1917. 6 pp. in-4. Beautiful seal in red ink at the top of this letter. He is amazed that his son's letters are so regular and prompt. He goes on to talk about his son's schooling, which he follows attentively, even on the other side of the world, and announces: "In your letter of May 14, you tell me that you have thought long and hard about the theory of the creation of bodies; and you conclude that fire is the superior power that created us. You are right to seek the origin of the world in the essence of the world. [Fire is just a word - like "God". When I'm back, I'll show you how words are weighed, like astronomers weigh planets. [ ] When words are right, at their exact value, then they can be used as a very good research tool [ ]. You'll see that we're now approaching the atom, and I'll even show you a curious spectacle: the dance of molecules, which are the smallest particles of matter under which the atom can exist. These molecules, bouncing around endlessly, produce "Brownian motion" in visible matter [ ]. This motion escapes all the laws of motion of the bodies in which we live". He goes on to demonstrate the proper use of words: "Some mean nothing at all: for example, creation. We immediately see a magician with a wand; [ ] If we explain the origin of the world as the making of a clock, we say who made the clock? A clockmaker. But who made the clockmaker? And if you answer: "The watchmaker is eternal", you'll find that you haven't explained anything at all. The world is big enough, vast enough in itself, for us not to go looking for a being bigger than it. [ ] ". Victor compliments him on his reading: "You're doing very well to read Gustave Le Bon's Evolution of Matter. He has destroyed what I would call a scientific catechism". He continues his letter on the evolution of physics discoveries and their teaching. He concludes this long letter with his forthcoming departure for Saigon, then Hanoi. Unpublished letters, family provenance.
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