SEGALEN Victor (1878-1919) 3 L.A.S. (s.l.n.d.... - Lot 1 - Gros & Delettrez

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SEGALEN Victor (1878-1919) 3 L.A.S. (s.l.n.d.... - Lot 1 - Gros & Delettrez
SEGALEN Victor (1878-1919) 3 L.A.S. (s.l.n.d. [7/2/14]), Xi'an prefecture February 20, 14 and (s.l.) March 21, 14. 4 pp. in-8 and in-4. Signature of March 21 letter cut out. Victor Segalen describes his trip, leaving no detail out: the horses, the landscape. On the 7th, he writes "At Long Men?? we saw many large stone Buddhas as high as houses. [...]; on February 20 "[...] we arrived at Si-Ngan-Fou at full gallop [...] We passed through the East Gate, which looks very much like the one at Peking. The people were very frightened when they saw our three wolf skins with their hair on the outside. Si-Ngan-Fou was much more demolished than Peking by the Kono mim Tang. They killed six thousand Manchus [...]"; on March 21, he talks about Yvon's health and continues "[...] the horses walk a lot in the big mountains [...]". He announces "We are killing a lot of game. Jean killed four large gray geese in two shots, so heavy that we had to give two to the peasants. [ ] The most amusing thing is the pheasants, which suddenly fly away and are shot very quickly [ ]". Unpublished letters, family provenance.
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