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mercredi 14 décembre 2022 16:00
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Wednesday 14 December 2022, from 4 pm

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"The way I play with my different controllers has attracted a lot of curiosity during my tours. During my years of learning at the conservatory in jazz, one of the essential things I learned was to deliver absolutely unique and unprecedented performances. Always looking for a technical freedom to improvise, and also to manage accidents, false notes. To be in total control, at all times of my shows.

After years of producing my music, I was able to find a way to meet my technical and artistic needs by designing my first controllers. Beyond the technical aspect, I could finally create my own design that corresponded to the way I represent my music through colors and shapes. This allowed me to never again ask myself "is this the right button?

I felt the need to be able to keep this approach of organic, instrumental music while finding a way to adapt it to electronic music. I have seen, during my tours, that the equipment of an artist in electronic music can be constraining. Fragility, complications of installation or connection of the set up.

That's why I developed and designed this simplified controller inspired by my own setup, delivered with a session of two of my tracks programmed exactly as I would use it.

The idea is to share a plug and play solution that I've been able to shape myself from my years of live performances, allowing any user to understand my path and process and to be able to do whatever they want with it.

The idea here is to be able to share this technology, without pretention, for the beginner producer or the more experienced who would need a reliable grip. Beyond the technical aspect, the material was for me essential, as much as the feeling and the touch. The box is made from sustainable wood from Patagonia, the joysticks were made from 100% recycled plastic, making each piece unique."

At the end of this auction, a large part of the profits will be reserved for the BLOOM association. BLOOM is a non-profit association founded in 2005 by Claire Nouvian. Entirely devoted to the ocean and those who live off it, BLOOM's mission is to work for the common good, the preservation of biodiversity, marine habitats and the climate by inventing a sustainable and respectful link between humans and the sea.

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