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LIBERTINE AND SCANDALOUS PRIVATE LIFE OF MARIE-ANTOINETTE of Austria, ci-devant Queen of the Franks. From her arrival in France to her imprisonment at the Temple. Aux Thuileries et au Temple, Et se trouve au Palais Egalité, ci-devant Palais Royal, chez les marchands de nouveautés, L'an premier de la République, 1793. 4 parts in one volume in-12, shagreened calf, gilt roulette frame on covers, ornate smooth spine, red morocco title-piece, chased edges, yellow edges, bookplate. First, second and third parts: 144 pp; [1 f.], 142 pp (third part begins on p. 107), 26 engravings. Fourth part bears the address: A Paris au Palais de la Révolution, 1793 seconde la République. [1 f.], 138 pp. 6 engravings. This fourth part is extremely rare. The numbered engravings in the first three parts are free. The engravings in the fourth part are paginated. Three of them, which relate to events of the revolutionary period, seem to belong to another publication, as they do not conform to the corresponding passages. The publication notice inserted in the bookseller's Feuille de correspondance was enough to arouse covetousness: "We warn fathers in advance not to let this work fall into the hands of their children. The free engravings with which it is accompanied, the no less free style with which it is written, could well produce in them ravages of which they would repent [ ] This work should therefore only be placed in the hands of mature men; and they should be warned that it is not the whole truth that they will read, but rather strong presumptions about most of the facts recounted. In addition, the harm that slander could inflict on such a perverse family is so little compared to what it has done to us, that if the most false traits of this story were to be believed to the letter, it would only be a just punishment for malicious beings [ ]". Tourneux IV, 21053; Cohen 1014; Gay III, 1352; Dutel A-1164. Bound at the end: LA JOURNEE AMOUREUSE, ou Les derniers Plaisirs de M . Ant . Comédie en trois actes, en prose, représentée pour la première fois au Temple, le 20 août 1792. Au temple, Chez Louis Capet, L'An Premier de la République [1792-1793]. 67 pp, [1 f.] Nota " Pour prouver l'authenticité " ; 4 engravings including frontispiece. This work is a reprint under a new title of La Cour de Louis XVI dévoilée, first published in two volumes in 1791 and supplemented here by a third part devoted to the queen's debaucheries in the Temple. With the Princesse de Lamballe in particular. Tourneux IV, 21202, which lists only two figures; Gay II, 734, which lists only three. Joints restored, slight rubbing, foxing. Extremely rare edition of La Vie privée, especially complete with all 32 engravings, followed by another very rare pamphlet. Ex-libris Sir David Lionel Salomons Bart. Provenance Alfred Bégis (?) with his small photographic portrait on the verso of the flyleaf (a large part of this lawyer's collection was seized and contributed to the Enfer de la Bibliothèque de France).
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