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[Geographical map]. [China]. HUANG (Qianren).... - Lot 59 - Gros & Delettrez
[Geographical map]. [China]. HUANG (Qianren). Daqing Wannian Yitong Tianxia Quantu [Complete map of the Great Eternal Qing with everything unified under the sky]. China: Jiaqing period, 1814. Rare variant of the famous "blue map" of the world. Impressive map of China, produced on wood and printed in ink, consisting of 24 segments, all mounted on canvas and measuring approx. 1400 x 2400 mm. The unique aspect of this map lies in its printing method, combining the "yin" (relief) and "yang" (intaglio) techniques of woodcutting. The detailed representation includes the Great Wall, mountains, rivers and seas in shades of green, the Gobi Desert materialized by a series of dots, and the surrounding islands and countries colored orange. Place names and comments are in Chinese. The Qing/Chinese perception of the world is clear, with vague international borders indicating that all foreign entities were located on the periphery of the empire. At top left, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic are represented, with the Netherlands and Great Britain as islands. Beyond its geographical aspect, this map is a political statement celebrating the "unified status of all Chinese borders". (Pegg). Attributed to Huang Qianren (1694-1771), grandson of cartographer Huang Zongyi, this map is based on an 1800 manuscript copy of the original made around 1767, of which no copies survive. A revised version printed on wood was produced in 1803, followed by its best-known form around 1811. This version, based on woodcuts by Fengchitang in Fuzhou, is a slightly later variant.
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