Claudia Bevilacqua The Sower Subligraphy... - Lot 5 - Gros & Delettrez

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Claudia Bevilacqua The Sower Subligraphy... - Lot 5 - Gros & Delettrez
Claudia Bevilacqua The Sower Subligraphy on ChromaLuxe Print 01/12 50x73 cm Claudia Bevilacqua is personally grateful to the medical profession and researchers, so she is delighted to contribute to the Rose à la Folie evening. Italian, from a small village in Lazio, after having wanted to be a dancer, actress or lawyer, I emigrated and became a finance specialist in Paris and spent more than a decade in management at the Kourou Space Base, participating in the development of the Ariane and Vega rockets. After Italy and Guiana, finance and rockets, it was finally in France in 2019 that I rediscovered my true objective: photography! An unexpected and extraordinary encounter changes the course of his life; Gérard Holtz, the TV presenter who, on seeing her first photographs, suggested that she continue on her path. He offered her her first exhibition opportunities: "Miroirs" followed by "Regards"... Completed projects : - 2019 - "Miroirs" exhibition under the patronage of Gerard Holtz - 2020 - L'Hay les Roses "Regards" exhibition, portraits of children and the Egungun of Benin - 2021 - "La photographe des photographes", a series of portraits of photographers. - 022 - Exhibition "Gl lavatur" (The washhouse), a nod to the Vitti Academy's models, immigration and wounds. (Italy) - 2023 - Salon internationale de la photographie humaniste, guest of honor, series "cordes sensibles" Vernon - Eure - 2023 - "Chicken Rock" exhibition - 2023 - "Italian Immigrants" series: A look at immigration (Italy) La Semeuse is a tribute to Oscar Roty's work of the same name, which appeared on old French coins and whose model, an Italian immigrant lady, came from the same village as Claudia.
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