Tugubele divination statue. Sénoufo people,... - Lot 101 - Gros & Delettrez

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Tugubele divination statue. Sénoufo people,... - Lot 101 - Gros & Delettrez
Tugubele divination statue. Sénoufo people, Sandogo society. Ivory Coast. 19th century. Wood with crusty patina. Height: 34 cm Provenance : - René Rasmussen Collection (1912-1979), Paris - Philipp Konzett, Graz, Austria - Private Collection, Vienna, acquired 1996 The Sénoufo are a farming population organized into chiefdoms, with political power held by men. Nevertheless, their society is matrilineal, and women play a key role in the Sandogo secret society. While the Poro initiation society, the first Senufo institution and the exclusive preserve of men, maintains the social cohesion of the community and the transmission of traditions, the Sandogo institution, essentially feminine, has both a powerful social role, ensuring the continuity of matrilineage, and a spiritual role, thanks to the art of divination, which maintains the link with the madebele spirits. Tugubele divination statuettes are relatively numerous among the sculptures created by Sandogo society. The standing posture is most often observed, while representations of seated women, such as our example, are rarer and seem to belong to powerful diviners whose fame often extended beyond the village boundaries. This masterly work, with its perfect proportions and deep patina, exudes spiritual omnipotence. A true masterpiece by a Sénoufo sculptor, it is the idealized embodiment of the spirit whose good graces the Sandobele priestess must secure.
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